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People analytics for all

With human insight from various sectors, we can help you discover valuable asset within your people. Select your segment to find out more .

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Discover valuable insight

Understand and deep dive into your best asset: people. We work closely with psychologists, researchers, and subject matter experts to ensure social and culture context is correctly reflected.

  • Identify strengths
    Individual strengths & blindspot
    Discover characteristics, competencies and development needs unique to you.
  • Mental wellbeing
    Mental health well-being
    Uncover overlooked psyche traits for early detection and immediate attention.
  • Unleash potential
    Unleash real potential
    Find out your primary motivation, identify best role fit for optimum performance
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The people analytics advantage

Organisations across different industries from public to private sectors have gained great value from people analytics. Among the initiatives we've helped along the way:

Personalised path
personalised path

Create customised development plan based on specific individual personality, needs and growth aspirations.

Role benchmark
role benchmarking

Establish a range of desired relevant competencies to find the best person fit for specific job or responsibility.

Team dynamics
team dynamics

Identify suitable complementary skill sets in a team setting for peak performance and operational efficiency.

Data-driven policy
data-driven policy

Leverage insights to supplement and guide decision making to remove bias and ensure clear objectivity.

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Client testimonials

Prof Dr Nor Aziah Alias
The output they have presented to us gives valuable insights that we have been looking into, in line with our future strategic plans as the biggest tertiary institution in Malaysia.
Prof Dr Nor Aziah Alias
Pengarah Pembangunan Akademik, UiTM
Dr Zaid Omar
I’m delighted to have discovered tellnsearch and satisfied with their capabilities. To top it off, their mission and vision is aligned with our department.
Dr Zaid Omar
Pengarah Bahagian Mahasiswa Holistik, KPM

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the edge markets
"Talent: Locally designed psychometric and analytics platform"
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