Auto-Self Knowledge

Auto Self-Knowledge (ASK) is our proprietary self assessment instrument designed to establish a comprehensive picture of the whole personality, providing critical and objective insight for individuals’ personal growth.

We work with psychologists and researchers to ensure our product is tailored to our unique social and cultural context. As a homegrown outfit, we take pride in being the first in Malaysia to offer this tool for the benefit of our nation.  

Developed with years of research data, we specifically look into the following four aspects:


Understand what makes the individual unique to help with personalised learning.


Never overlook hidden issues ever again - prevention is better than cure.


Identify detailed areas of strength as well room for improvements accurately.


Discover what really motivates them to find out which areas they can excel in.

Actionable Data

Discover hidden asset

More than just a static profiling tool, we work with industry practitioners as a talent pool bridge.
While there are some general application of our offering, we also provide customizations to help our clients in effectively achieve their objectives, be it improving bottom line or streamlining operations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is ASK valid and reliable?

Current ASK is in its 2nd edition since 2012, with 5 years and over 30,000 respondents in use of practice and research to support its validity. Here are some technical points to support;

  • Oblique rotation used for factor analysis, showing correlation and comparable with other instruments such as Personality Research Form (PRF) and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)
  • Adopted test-retest model (2 weeks, 2 months) for reliability (mean score of .8 and .87 respectively)
  • Norm sample Cronbach coefficient alpha mean score of .76
How do you ensure the results are correct?

We do acknowledge that sometimes people will attempt to trick their way into producing a result that they want, however, ASK has pattern detectors built in to ensure true picture:

  • Detect tendency to project socially desirable personality
  • Gauge randomness / (in)decisiveness / comprehension in answering
  • Measure conformity
How is ASK different from other tools?

While ASK is based on a study that started in the 1960s, we have applied social appropriation measures to reflect true and fair Malaysian values / context instead of Western ideals.

In addition, we are the first in our domestic market with particular focus on Malaysian youth-adolescent demographic.